About the Harrisburg Times

The Harrisburg Times was expanded in 2013 from a mainly high school readership to a community-wide newspaper.

Our goal is to keep the communities lying within the Harrisburg School District up-to-date on not only individual school and district-wide news, but events within Harrisburg and the southern Sioux Falls community.

Beginning in October 2019, we will be distributing our news in a magazine format, in color. The magazine will be distributed electronically to our entire district and in print by subscription. We will continue to distribute 12 months of the year.

We are proud to announce because of the support from the Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce, the City of Harrisburg and the Harrisburg Economic Development Board, our distribution was expanded to the entire 57032 mailing area beginning in February 2014, reaching over 5,000 readers, 12 months of the year. Our hope is to expand into the 57108 ZIP code in the future.

The Harrisburg Times is also distributed online through several Facebook feeds and the district website, reaching over 1,200 additional impressions.

With a Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce membership, your business or organization can purchase advertising space or submit an article for greatly reduced rates. See the Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce Facebook page for further information.

Please see our additional pages for information about advertising, submitting an article, photos, and community calendar events.

For further information, please contact JoAnne VerMulm:

TigerTimes@harrisburg.k12.sd.us • 605-743-2567, extension 6143